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1- Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1- The team had been training / has been training for three months already when the season started.

By September, I ________ Arabic for three years.


I only joined the choir at university because I _________  anything else to do.


This is the fourth time I___________ to learn to dance.


I ___________ such a difficult essay as this one.


She ________ for this exam since early this morning.

2- 2- Complete the conversation using the correct form of the verb in brackets

Mike : Thank you for coming, Mina.

Mina : My pleasure.

Mike: So how long 1 have you been living   (live) in New Zealand?

Mina: By December, I 2    (be) here for a year.

Mike:  3          (you/ever/have) a job in the hotel industry before?

Mina: Yes, I have. I worked in a hotel in Geneva for two years before I 4     (move) here.

Mike: So why did you apply for this particular post?

Mina: As soon as I 5          (see) it, I thought it was the right job for me.

Mike: What do you like about it?

Mina: I 6         (always/enjoy) working with people and being customer-facing so this position seems ideal.

 Mike: This isn’t your first application, is it?

Mina:  No, this is the second time I 7          (apply). The first time my English wasn’t good enough.

Mike: It sounds good now.

Mina:  It 8          (get) a lot better. I 9         (only just/arrive) the last time I applied.

Mike:  Do you have any questions?

Mina: When will I know if I 10             (be) successful?

Mike:  We 11         (make) our decision by the end of next week. Ten days at the most.

Mina:  That’s fine. I’ll wait to hear from you.