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1- Choose the correct alternative

Alberta : Hi, Jess, how are you?  (1) I haven’t seen / I haven’t been seeing you since the summer.

Anna : No, (2)  I’ve been revising / I’ve revised           for my exams.  They’re next week.  What about you?

Alberta: W ell, a few days ago I met a website designer, Steve, (3) who’s looking / who’s been looking              for some help for weeks.  (4) He offers / He’s offered             me some work from  next week.

Anna: That’s great.

 Alberta: Yeah, and every day since then (5) I look / I’ve been looking             at his sites.  (6) He’s designed /  He’s been designing            three or four really cool ones already.  But (7) he doesn’t have / he isn’t having            enough time to do all the new ones.  That’s why (8) he’s needing / he needs            me.

 Anna: T hat’s really good.  Hey, who’s that guy over there?  (9) He’s looked / He’s been looking            at us since we met.

Alberta:  Oh, wow, that’s Steve, the guy (10) I’ve been telling / I tell            you about.
Anna: (11) He’s looking / He looks            like a student or something.

 Alberta:  Shh.  (12) He’s coming / He comes             over.

Marc : Hi, Megan.

Alberta:  Hi Steve, this is my friend Jess.

Marc: Hello.  (13) Do you using / Are you using            the wi-fi in here at the moment?
Anna: Yes.  (14) I come / I’m coming             here most days for lunch and since there’s free wi-fi  (15) I’ve checked / I’ve been checking            my email at the same time.

 Marc: And (16) do you enjoy / are you enjoying            the food here?

Anna: Er, yes.  It’s always very good.  But why?

 Marc: Oh, just interested.  (17) I own / I’m owning            this café.

Alberta: I didn’t know that!

2-Complete the sentences with the verbs from the box in the correct form: present perfect simple, present perfect continuous, present simple or present continuous.

not / be  deal  not / finish  have  not / know  live  see  not / see not / speak  stare  stay  suffer  wait  not / want  watch


1 I haven’t finished answering my emails because I ’ve been dealing with customers  all morning.

 2 Thank you, but I really          any more juice.  I         two large glasses already.

 3 Paul         from earache since the weekend.  He          the doctor twice, but it’s still not better.

4 We         why Sara is upset, but she         to us for ages.

5 Why         you         at me like that?  I suppose you         anyone with rainbow-coloured hair before!

6 I         with my cousin in London for a few days.  I         here before, but he         here for several years, so he can show me around.

7 I’m sorry I’m late.          you         a long time?

8 We         this stupid film since lunchtime.  Let’s switch over to another channel.