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1- Put the verbs into the correct form: present continuous or present simple.

Marc , a journalist, is interviewing Jennifer, an environmental scientist.

Marc:  So tell me, Leila, why is it important to save the rainforests?

Jennifer:  There are so many reasons.  One reason is that  lots of the plants which (1)  grow  (grow) in the rainforest could be useful in medicine.  We (2)         (not / know) all the plants, but there are tens of thousands of them. Chemists and doctors (3)          (try) to discover their secrets before they are destroyed.

Marc: I see.  What other reasons are there?

Jennifer:  Well, scientists (4)          (believe) that the rainforests  (5)          (have) an influence on the world’s weather systems and this (6)        (help) to slow down global warming.  But, unfortunately,  these days the forests (7)         (disappear) at a terrifying rate and we  (8)          (not / do) enough to save them.

Marc:  What is the main danger of global warming, in your opinion?

Jennifer:  The polar regions (9)             (consist) of millions of tons of ice.  If they (10)              (melt), the  level of the sea will rise and cause terrible floods.  Most  scientists (11)          (agree) that  global temperatures (12)         (already / rise).  We must do everything we can to  prevent global warming, and that includes preserving the rainforests!

Marc: Thank you, Leila, and good luck in your campaign.

Jennifer: Thank you.

2- Choose the correct sentences. In some pairs, one sentence is correct. In other pairs, both sentences are correct. Write "Correct" and "Wrong"

1 What do you think of my hair?  Correct         What are you thinking of my hair?   Wrong

2 You look great today!                            You’re looking great today!

3 Do you enjoy your meal?                    Are you enjoying your meal?

4 I think of selling my car.                        I’m thinking of selling my car.

5 Where do you live?                              Where are you living? 

6 I don’t believe his story.                       I’m not believing his story. 

7 The students seem tired today.    The students are seeming tired today.

8 He weighs 80 kilos.                             He’s weighing 80 kilos.

9 How often do you play tennis?         How often are you playing tennis?

10 My brother looks for a new job.    My brother is looking for a new job.