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1- Complete the sentences.

1 Steve isn’t playing (not / play) football on Saturday.  He’s hurt his leg.

2                          (We / have) a party next week.  We’ve invited all our friends.

 3                      (I / not / work) tomorrow.  It’s a public holiday.

4                      (I / leave) now.  I’ve come to say goodbye.

5 ‘What time                     (you / go) out this evening?’ ‘Seven o’clock.’

6                      (Laura / not / come) to the party tomorrow.  She isn’t well.

7 I love New York.                      (I / go) there soon.

8 Ben can’t meet us on Monday.                     (He / work) late.

2-Complete the sentences. Use the present continuous or present simple.

1 a: Tina, are you ready yet?

b: Yes, I’m coming (I / come).

2 a:                          (you / go) to Sam’s party on Saturday?   

b: No, I haven’t been invited.

3 a: Has Jack moved into his new apartment yet?

b: Not yet, but                         (he / move) soon – probably at the end of the month.

4 a:                        (I / go) to a concert tonight.

b: That’s nice.  What time                         (it / start)?

5 a: Have you seen Chris recently?

b: No, but                         (we / meet) for lunch next week.

6 a:                        (you / do) anything tomorrow morning?

b: No, I’m free.  Why?

7 a: When                         (this term / end)?

b: Next Friday.  And next term                         (start) four weeks aft er that.

8 a:                        (We / go) to a wedding at the weekend.

 b: Really?                        (Who / get) married?

9 a: There’s football on TV later tonight.                         (you / watch) it?

 b: No, I’m not interested.

10 a: What time is your train tomorrow?

 b: It                         (leave) at 9.35 and                         (arrive) at 12.47.

11 a: I’d like to go and see the exhibition at the museum.  How long is it on for?

 b:                        (It / finish) next week.

12 a:  Do you need the car this evening?

 b: No, you can have it.                        (I / not / use) it.