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1- Complete the sentences with the words from the list.

why- most of which- who -which -all of whom -where- the result of which- whose

1 A French tourist         bag had been stolen agreed to meet the thief.

2 A pickpocket recently admitted around a hundred offences, most of which had been committed on London streets.

3 Many journalists interviewed other tourists on the street          the incident had taken place.

 4 They  talked to several tourists            were carrying valuables in a rucksack.

5  A man ,            preferred not to give his name, had a wallet in his back pocket.

6 There are many reasons             tourists are such an easy target.

7 A lot of tourists carry cash,             is not very sensible.

8 There was a poster campaign last year,           was a drop in crime figures

2- Match 1–8 with a–h to make sentences. Write the letters ( a .b.c etc..)

1 We recruited a lot of staff last year,      f

2 I don’t want to say anything ,         

3 The menu has a limited number of dishes,     

 4 Whoever is last to leave ,       

5 Spring is a time of year,         

6 The club takes on a lot of young players,   

 7 She was late to work on her first day,   

8 I’ve met a lot of people in my life,         


a a few of whom are now close friends.  

b should switch off the lights.

c a percentage of whom turn professional.

d I always look forward to.

e which was a bad sign.

f some of whom have started really well.

g most of which I’ve tried.

h which could be misunderstood.