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Vocabulary a1: Family
Vocabulary a1: Family
Peter is Adam and Anna's grandfather.
Ann is Adam and Anna's grandmother. Martin is Adam and Anna's father.
Catherine is Adam and Anna's mother. Adam is Martin and Catherine's son.
Anna is Martin and Catherine's daughter.
Adam is Anna's brother.
Anna is Adam's sister.

Words for talking about family

be ... years old (phrase) The number of years old that someone is means the number of years they have lived.

boy (n) A boy is a male child.

brother   (n)  A brother is a boy or a man who has the same parents as you.

child (n)  A child is a young boy or girl.

children  (n)  Children is the plural of child.

dad  (n)  Your dad is your father.

daughter  (n)  Someone's daughter is their female child.

family  (n)  A family is a group of people who are related to each other, usually parents and their children.

family name  (n) Your family name is the part of your name that all the people in your family have.

father  (n)  Your father is your male parent.

girl  (n)  A girl is a female child.

grandad (n)  Grandad is an informal name for grandfather.

grandfather (n) Your grandfather is the father of your father or mother.

grandma (n) Grandma is an informal name for a grandmother.

grandmother (n)  Your grandmother is the mother of your father or mother.

man (n)  A man is an adult male human.

mother (n) Your mother is your female parent.

mum (n) Mum is an informal name for your mother.

old (adj) Someone who is old has lived for many years and is not young.

sister (n)  Your sister is a girl or woman who has the same parents as you.

son (n) Someone's son is their male child.

young (adj) A young person, animal, or plant has not lived for very long.

1- Find the words or phrases that do not belong

1- Family members

2- Ages 


4-Family members

5- People 

6- Men 

7- Family members

8- What you can call certain people

2- Put the correct word or words in each gap

family | children | mum | years old | young | brother

Vocabulary A1: Family
Vocabulary A1: Family

Hi Rosella,
My name is Maggie and I'm 14       1   I have a   2     called Oliver.
He's very    3    - only eight. We live with our  4       and dad. When I get married, I want to have lots of  5     , because I think a big 6     has fun. Please tell me about your family!

3- Is the sentence correct or false ?

1 Your father's mother is your grandma.

2 Your mum is the father of your brother or sister

3 Every boy and girl is someone's son. 

 4 Your sister, mother and grandmother are all part of your family.

5 Your dad is the daughter of your grandmother and grandfather. 

6 Your mother and father's sons are your brothers

4- Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in the sentences? Write "correct" or "incorrect".

1 William Shakespeare's family name       23 was William.
2 Shakespeare was very young      when he got married - only 19.
3 He married Anne Hathaway and they had three children   : Susanna, Hamnet and Judith.
4 Their son, Hamnet, was the only mother     in the family.
5 Susanna and Judith were William's two dads    .
6 William was the grandma     of Elizabeth, Susanna's daughter.