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Countries, nationalities andlanguages

Vocabulary A2 : Countries

Good to know 

You should only say England when you mean just England, and not Wales,
Scotland or Ireland. To talk about all of these countries, use Britain.
The adjective is British. The UK, means England, Wales, Scotland and
Northern Ireland.

1- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

1 Lara works in Italy and she speaks very good      
2 My sister married a     student she met at university and now she lives in Spain.
3 Many people in India speak excellent    , but they never visit England.
4 I want to study    , because my company is doing business with China.
5 I'd like to go to Russia to learn to speak       really well.
6 I went to Brazil to meet my       cousins.

2- Write the words that do not belong

1 Languages      Brazilian          English             Italian         
2 Nationalities Canadian         Spanish           England       
3 Countries      Africa                 Spain               China           
4 Continents   Australia           Africa                USA             
5 Nationalities  American       Brazilian           India           

3- Choose the correct word.

1 Does your brother speak _______ well?

2 My family comes from ________ .

3 What language do people speak in__________?

4 Do you like ______ food?

5 The new _______  film is making millions of dollars.

6 I bought this bag in an _______ shop last week.

4- Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 fArcia                             (the continent Nelson Mandela comes from)
2 tylla                               (a great place for pizza and pasta)
3 andli                            (a hot country with very many languages)
4 liatrasuA                    (an island and a continent)
5 larBiz                           (a South American country)
6 sauRis                          (a country with very cold winters)

5- Write one missing word in sentence B so that it means the same as sentence A.

1   A Luca is Italian.
    B Luca comes from          
2  A Isabella is from Spain.
    B Isabella is            
3 A I have several Chinese friends.
   B I have several friends from   
4 A My favourite band is from the USA.
   B My favourite band is      
5 A There are some beautiful lakes in Canada.
   B The          lakes are beautiful.