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Phrases with do, get, go, have,make and take

Do and Make

These are some common ways to use do and make:

do + activity                    I have to do my homework.
                                                 We did exercise 6 from our English book.

make + food                      He made a cake for me.
                                                  I often make bread.

These are some common ways to use get:

get = receive                            He got lots of presents.
get = buy                                  I got a new coat.
get = arrive                              We got home late.
get = travel                               Let's get the bus.
                                                    We got a train to London.
get up = get out of bed           What time do you get up?


These are some common ways to use go:

go + activity                              Shall we go swimming?
go by + vehicle                         We went by bus.
                                                         He usually goes by car.
go to + place                             She went to China.
                                                         I want to go to the theatre.
go for + activity                      Let’s go for a walk.


These are some common ways to use have:

have + description of a body part               He has blue eyes.
                                                                                       She has very long legs.
have + illness                                                         He had a cold.
                                                                                      She had a headache.
have + food or drink                                         Let's have a cup of tea.
                                                                                    He had pizza for lunch.
have + action                                                      I need to have a shower.
have + holiday                                                  We had a holiday in Wales.
                                                                                  You need to have a holiday.


These are some common ways to use take:

take + object                                   I took my mobile phone.
                                                             You should take an umbrella.
take + person                               I took the kids to the park.
                                                            Can you take John to his football match ?
take + photo                                 She took a photo of the house.
take + activity                             I need to take a shower.

1- Match the sentences with the pictures.

Vocabulary A2 : Phrases with verbs1 He is taking a photo.       

2 He is having a drink.       

3 He is going for a walk.     

4 He is doing his homework. 

5 He is making dinner.             

6 He is having a shower.           

2- Choose the correct word.

1 I got up and _____ a shower.


2 We_______ a really nice holiday.


3 Sam is still asleep. Could you _____ him up, please?


4 He usually ____  home from work at six o'clock.


5 The teacher asked us to _____ exercise 6 on page 13.


6 I ______ a very special birthday present from my parents.

3- Put each sentence into the correct order.

1 eyes / has / father / my / blue /.
2 cold / have / 1 / a / bad / really /.
3 you / could / get / bread / please / some / ?
4 we / some / food / had / delicious /.
5 got / a / I / bus / restaurant / the / to / .
6 took / me / phone / I / with / my /.

4- Write the simple past form of the verb in (brackets) to complete each sentence.

1 My mum                                           (make) some food for us.
2 I                                                          (get) a new bike for my birthday.
3 We                                                    (go) to Paris by train.
4 I                                                        (take) the dog to the park.
5 We                                                   (have) a lovely holiday.
6 For homework, I                          (do) exercises nine and ten.

5- Match the sentence halves.

1 Sara made ________


2 We went ________


3 1 remembered to take ________


4 I got some ________


5 Have ________


6 I did my _______