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Bad weather

Bad weather

Vocabulary A2 : weather
1-It was dangerous to drive because it was so foggy.
2- In winter, there is often ice on the road.
3- It was too wet to go out, so I had to wait for the rain to stop.
4- It was difficult to ride my bicycle because it was so windy.

Good weather

Vocabulary A2 : Weather

1- The sky was blue with a few white clouds.
2- We had a lovely sunny day for our wedding.
3- We had dinner outside because the weather was so warm.
4- We had a very hot summer this year.

Good To Know

Several adjectives that describe weather are formed with the suffix -y.
cloud > cloudy
sun > sunny
wind > windy

Words for talking about weather

cloud  (n) A cloud is a white or grey mass in the sky that contains drops of water.
cloudy (adj) If it is cloudy, there are a lot of clouds in the sky.
cold  (adj) Cold describes the weather when the temperature is low.
fog (n) Fog is thick cloud that is close to the ground.
foggy (adj) When it is foggy, there is fog.
hot (adj) Hot describes the weather when the temperature is high.
ice (n) Ice is frozen water.
rain (n) Rain is water that falls from the clouds in small drops.
sky (n) The sky is the space above the Earth that you can see when you stand outside and look up.
snow (n) Snow is soft white frozen water that falls from the sky.
summer (n) Summer is the season between spring and autumn.
sun (n) The sun is the ball of fire in the sky that gives us heat and light.
sunny (adj) When it is sunny, the sun shines brightly.
warm (adj) Something that is warm has some heat, but is not hot.
weather (n) The weather is the temperature and conditions outside, for example if it is raining, hot, or windy.
wet (adj) If the weather is wet, it is raining.
wind (n) Wind is air that moves.
windy (n)  If it is windy, the wind is blowing a lot.
winter (n)  Winter is the season between autumn and spring.

1-Decide if the pairs of sentences have the same meaning.

2- Match the words with the pictures

Vocabulary A2 : Weather
1 cloudy       

2 windy       

3 rain           

4 sunny       

5 foggy       

6 snow       

3- Put the correct word in each gap.

snow | summer | rains | cloudy | sky | sunny

The weather in Scotland changes a lot. In winter there is 1     on the mountains and you can go skiing. Sometimes the 2     is blue and it's beautiful but sometimes it's 3      You need warm clothes in winter and it4      lot, so you need an umbrella. In 5      it is often warm and      so it is a good time to go there for a holiday.

4- Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 cie                        (It's dangerous to drive when this is on the road.)
2 ygogf              (It's difficult to see in this kind of weather.)
3 nidwy             (It's difficult to use an umbrella in this kind of weather.)
4 olucd               (This is a white or grey thing in the sky.)
5 mumser           (It is hotter than the other times of the year.)
6 nwos                 (This is white and cold and falls from the sky.)

5-Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in this text?

Tick the correct words.

My summer holiday blog

It's Monday and I'm still on holiday in France. There isn't a cloud □ in the sky. I'm sure it will be sun □ today and we can go to the beach. I want to go sailing but if it is too wind □, we can't go because it's dangerous. It's the same problem if it's fog □. Yesterday it wasn't very hot □ but it was OK. At home in Canada it's raining □ at the moment, so I'm glad I'm on holiday here.

6- Choose the correct word.

1 There's a big white _________ in the sky.


2 Oh no! It's raining so we will get ______ .


3 The ______  was warm when we were on holiday.


4 I like ________ because I can go skiing then.


5 It was _______ yesterday so we went to the beach.


6 I can't see the top of the mountains because there's a lot of _______ .