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1- From which countries do these traditional dishes originate?

Mexico - Italy - England - Spain - Greece - Japan - India - Germany - France - China










Fish and chips





Snails in garlic






Fried rice








2- Match the country with a product it is famous for

cheese  - wine - lamb  - olives - bacon

Vocabulary : Cookery
1 New Zealand 

2 Holland           

3 Denmark       

4 France           

5 Greece           

3- Sort the following into SEAFOOD and MEAT categories

  • SEAFOOD                                  

Vocabulary : Cookery


  • Meat

Vocabulary : Cookery

4- Match the following to make common expressions connected with cooking

a- ______________ an egg 

b-  _____________________________ some spaghetti 

c- _______________________________________ a cake .

d - ________________________________________ a chicken

e-  ____________________________________ salmon 

5- Find five different ways of cooking in the following anagrams

Vocabulary : Cookery

1- L G R L E D                                       

2- E B 0 D L                                                  
3- K D A B E                                         
4- R F E D w E s T D E                       
5- WE s T D E                                       

6- Complete the recipe for a Spanish omelette below with correct forms of five of these words

cut - carve - chop - slice - peel - grate

Vocabulary : Cookery

To make a Spanish omelette, first       the onions and fry them gently in a little oil. Next,    the potatoes and        them up into cubes. Fry these until they begin to soften and then add some finely     seasonal vegetables: carrots and peas are popular choices. Beat the eggs with some milk, salt and pepper and put them into the pan, on top of the vegetables. Leave to allow the eggs to cook thoroughly underneath and sprinkle with      cheese before browning under the grill for a few minutes.

7- Fill the gaps in the sentences below with words from the box below

sliced - carved - grilled - stuffed - peeled

1 A popular Greek hors d'oeuvre is      vine leaves.
2 Oranges need to be    before you eat them.
3 Bread is   and buttered to make sandwiches.
4 Grandfather            the joint and we all enjoyed the rich flavour of the meat.
5 Sausages lose some of their fat when they are       

8- Quick Food-and-Drink Quiz

With which countries do you associate the following drinks?

Germany - Brazil  - China  - Jamaica  - Greece  - Scotland  - Spain  - Russia 

Vocabulary : Cookery

1 ouzo                         
2 whisky                   
3 coffee                          
4 beer                       
5 vodka                     
6 tea                           
7 rum                         
8 sangria                 

9- Choose the correct options

1- Which vegetable did Popeye eat to make him strong? 

2- What was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden?

3- Which food is produced by bees? 

4- From which fruit is the drink cider made? 

5- Tagliatelli, tortellini and rigatoni are all types of pasta; from which country does pasta originate?