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We use there is, there are etc ..  to say that something or somebody exists.
We often use there is,  was .. before  a/an, and any.
there are / were before  plural and some 

Present :                                   Vs                                                  Past  : 

Affirmative :   There is / there are                                        There was/ There were
Question :       is there / are there  ?                                       was there / were there ?
Negative :      There is not / There are not                         There was not / There were not

Contractions :  There 's / There isn't  / there aren't / there wasn't / there weren't 

There's a cat in the garden. (Not : A cat is in the garden )
ls there any water in the fridge?  any water in the fridge ?

Make present or past questions with there is etc.

1- a doctor here (present)
2- any trains to London from this station (present)
3- any mistakes in my letter (past)
4- How much money in your bank account (present)
5- how many students  in your class (present) 
6- how many children / at the swimming pool (past)
7- how many people / at the party (past)

Choose the correct option

1-  _______ a lot of dogs in London.


2- _________ much water in Africa.


3-  _________ many trees in our garden.


4- ________ any air in the bottle.


5-  _________ a lot of animals in the forest.

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