Past Continuous

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I was doing (past continuous)

I was doing (past continuous)It is 6 o'clock now.
Paul is at home.
He is watching TV.
At 4 o'clock he wasn't at home.
He was at the sports club.
He was swimming in the pool.
He wasn't watching TV.

was/were + -ing is the past continuous

I was doing (past continuous)

  • What were you doing at 11.30 yesterday? Were you working?
  • It was raining so we didn't go out.
  • The sun was shining and the birds
Spelling (live -» living / run —> running / lie -» lying etc.)

Complete the questions. Use was/were -ing. Use what/where/why if necessary.

1- (you / live )                in 2014 ?  ---->  In New York.
2- (you / do )                  at 3 o'clock ? ---->  I was working.
3- (it/rain )                     when you got home ?---->  No, It was sunny.
4- ( Anna / drive)           so fast ? ----> Because she is late.
5- (Steve / wear )            a new jacket yesterday ? ----> No, he was wearing his old jacket.

Look at the picture. You saw Joe in the street yesterday afternoon. What was he doing? Write positive or negative sentences.

I was doing (past continuous)1 (wear / a jacket)            He wasn't wearing a jacket 
2 (carry / a bag)                
3 (go / to the dentist)        
4 (eat / an ice cream)        
5 (carry / an umbrella)      
6 (go / home)                       
7 (wear / a hat)                    
8 (ride / a bicycle)             

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