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Teaching children is not an easy task for teachers and students.  It is a delicate process which has  to combine the cognitive efficiency and methodological smoothness.The aim of this process is to gain the child’s interest and desire to learn.  Based on this assumption , we present you today the basics of  teaching  Arabic to children .
 Motivation and excitement are  essential factors when we choose our teaching strategies . We always try to raise questions in the child’s mind about the language and its culture.
 Online Arabic learning for kids  .
With the spread of Arabic language teaching websites and institutes on the Internet there was an urgent need to teach Arabic to foreign children online, especially to Muslims. They have a strong desire to teach their kids the rituals of their religion and recite the Noble Qur’an.
An online Arabic teacher needs specific skills and qualities to be successful .The teacher has to be well trained on using the online teaching platforms like zoom , Zuhumu , Teams  etc.
  Here are some essential steps for a teacher to follow to guarantee the success of his online class :
 1- The communication between the student and his teacher should be visual through video .It strengthens the relationship between them and reflects positively on the learning process.

 2- The teacher should take into consideration the child’s linguistic level, his level of intelligence and measuring the speed of his response, during the online class in order to enhance the efficiency of the lesson .

 3-Providing more talking time to the students what  represents a chance for them to  show their language skills. Most of the kids come from  non-Arabic speaking countries and don’t have  the opportunity to practice the language. This is an essential criteria that we give it a great attention to ensure a smooth Arabic learning atmosphere for our kids.

 4- Make the lesson interesting by diversifying the teaching sources and forms of exercises. It’s perfect to use   videos , games and pictures.  This motivates the student more and keeps his enthusiasm to learn.
5- Dealing positively with the kid’s mistakes .  A good teacher would always turn his students mistakes into a starting point for motivation and improvement.  Phrases such as: (You can be better, or say it better, think  With me… You can do this), have a great impact on his  focus  and motivation.
 All these ideas are general principles in our online language school, where we provide you with teachers who speak Arabic and English or French with same proficiency .  You can join our lessons here or contact us for further information.