Tips To Learn French
Learn French
If you were an English or an Arabic speaker searching for tips to learn French, then you  were led to the right place . We will share with this article some essential steps on how to learn French properly . So Fasten your belts and get ready .
It’s important to set clear goals and targets before you start your learning journey.
  Let’s make it clear from the beginning. Learning French requires continuity and persistence because it’s not an easy language.  If you want to learn it properly then you need to be fully focused from the beginning.
Practical Tips to learn French .
1- Learn the alphabet : 
As with all other languages, you need to learn the Alphabet.  It’s so important to learn the pronunciation of the letters properly. This step will allow you to read the language quickly if you give it  enough time. Here is a video with the clear pronunciation. .

Watch the video here


2- Learn counting 0-10/20/100
Handle it in three steps :
Learn to count from 0 to 10, then till 20, then till 100 . In this video you will find a clear presentation of French numbers.
3-Learn basic sentences 
Memorize  the most important sentences that are used frequently to introduce oneself  :
My name is X : je m’appelle X 
I”m 20 years old : j’ai 20 ans
You are American : Tu es américain/américaine 
I’m a student : je suis un étudiant /une étudiante 
I live in New York : J’habite à New York 
I am a boy/a girl : Je suis un garçon /une fille 
I am a man / a woman : Je suis un homme /une femme
4- Learn basic vocabulary : 
Learning simple vocabulary and words is very important .Many learners neglect that and only memorize expressions and sentences. However  a few words with some connections and rules permit you to come up with dozens of useful sentences. In addition, the understanding of the  basic words helps learners to guess the general meaning of a speech or a text .
Colors , days and months , foods and fruits , clothes , houses and furniture.
Mastering this topics and their vocabulary would definitely level you up to A2 quickly.
Many people think that learning a language needs years to be done. This is not true especially when we talk about basic aspects like reading and writing . These aspects don’t take time at all . You can level up easily from As (A1-A2) to Bs (B1-2) if you follow a serious discipline.
5-Learn French Grammar properly.
A simple question: what would you say if someone tells you  this sentence ‘I is behind chair ‘?Would you understand him ?  Of course NOT , no language can be spoken without good grammar. The same is true for the French language. You need to structure clear sentences with correct grammar .
 Now that you have learned the basics of the language, you must practice it . You should know  that practicing French contributes to the development of your level .It trains your brain to be familiar with language.
Practice the language :  
To master French as any other language else , you need to master its 4 skills : Reading , Writing ,Listening  and Speaking .   Here are some tips on how to practice each of these skills : 
Reading :  There are several reading sources in French . Find out the news in French, newspapers, and various French websites (Technique, Sports, Cooking, Science).
Listening : You can listen to  dialogues on YouTube , French TV channels ,French radios, French music and French movies .
Our YouTube channel for learning French will help you .
Speaking : You can practice speaking by connecting with French speakers on social platforms like Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram . Don’t be afraid of making mistakes .French people are so friendly and understandable and they would support you .They would appreciate your efforts to learn their language.
Another idea is to record your voice while speaking in French. Then listen to it again and again. This way you can realize  your wrong pronounced words and improve them. 
Writing : write your memoirs in French, use French to talk about things around you, use spelling and expression exercises, you can correct what you write with spelling correction sites
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