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Where Can I learn English online For free ?

Are you searching for complete online course ? Do want to learn English online for free ? Interactive ? Fun ? Covers grammar , reading listening and speaking ? then here you go !

Regardless of the huge number of posts on google talking about free online English classes .However the moment you decide to visit that blog you find it either a scam or they ask for you to pay money .

Learning should never be charged and should be available to everyone here and there .

This is why I wrote you this  post ; No scams, No annoying empty words .

The Speaking Cats School is so glad to present you with its beautifully designed free online interactive ESL course. This course is designed as an intensive course where we combined Levels. This course contains a various range of activities :

Texts : Original texts

Interactive Videos : Explanatory videos

Grammar : Differentiated exercises

Speaking : Free and oriented activities
Our aim of our free ESL course is to make it possible for everyone to learn English.
This is our free published course, this is why we ask for your tolerance in case of some mistakes as we will keep working on improving our course and services.
As mentioned earlier this course is completely free of any charge. If you are interested in having a teacher then you can book our live courses here .

Please click here to start your course. Enjoy!