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The Auxiliary ” Do” in Simple Present : ALL WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Asking a question using “do” in present simple

First let’s see the verb “to do ” :  Verb to do :  means “act” , perform or finish.

 Example :  I always do my homework at night.

It’s conjugated in the following form :

I , You , We , They ==> do

He , She , It          ==>   does

The auxiliary ‘do’ : As part of the question in Present Simple.

We use the auxiliary ‘do ‘ with all verbs except the verb to ‘be’

Do you speak English ?

Do you play soccer ?

verb to be :

                               Do you are happy ? 

                                 Are you happy ?

modals : must / should / shall / can / could/ might / may / ought to

                   Do you must go ?                                 

                    Must you go ?

Asking a question using ” do ” :

1          2                   3

Do           I/you/we/they       verb  ?

Example  :

Do                you             like  this t-shirt ?

Does          he/she/it             verb ?

Example : 

Does            he                    speak   Turkish ?

Answering Yes/No questions with ‘do’

We answer the questions with “do” in the following way: 

                      Yes , I/you/we/they   do .               No, I/you/we/they    do not ( don’t).

                       Yes, he/she/it   does.              No, he/she/it  does not (doesn’t)

          Example : Do you speak English ?

                            Yes, I do.

                          No, I do not.

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