Online Learning : How Does It Work

Many people wonder how an online course really works.

Online learning : In fact, there are two types of courses, Group and Classroom courses and One-to-One courses.

2. Group /classroom course:

In this course a teacher from the online school teaches a group of students in their classrooms via a video chat platform. This type of lessons requires a cooperation between the classroom teacher who controls and organizes the students and the online tutor who gives the lesson. These classes may face several obstacles and problems especially if the classroom teacher is not cooperative, and that’s too common, for the simple fact that not all people have the same attitude or mood.

2. One-on-one course:

The one-to-one course works exactly like the private lessons.

The lessons are done through a video chat platform where you need just a headphone, a webcam, and a stable internet connection.

Here are some of the famous platforms:

Zoom Video Communications

  • ClassIn
  • One-to one lessons
  • Real Time
  • Teachery
  • Thinkific