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1-Match the underlined phrases (1–5) in the conversation with Romio’s precise meaning (a–d).

Romio: Hi, Roberta. About the other day in the meeting. 1 I don’t know what came over me.

 Roberta  :Yes, I was quite surprised by your reaction to my proposal.

Romio: I’ve just been so stressed recently. 2 I guess I overreacted.

Roberta  : I think that’s putting it mildly – no one’s ever spoken to me like that before. It actually really upset me.

Romio: 3 I was out of order. I’m just so tired, but 4 I had no right to take it out on you.

Roberta  : No, you didn’t, but I understand things are difficult at the moment.

Romio: Still, 5 it was inexcusable of me.

Roberta  :Well, thanks for talking to me about it. Let’s just forget it, shall we?

a Roberta was not at fault.                     

b  Romio did not expect his own reaction.      1

c Romio thinks his reaction was too strong.         

d Romio does not think his own reaction was acceptable           

2-Type the correct words to complete the conversation.

A So what do people think of this plan for a weekend ramble? Will it increase staff morale?

B Who came up with that idea?

A I did. Along with some of the other managers.

B So you think a 20-kilometre hike will improve the atmosphere? What planet are you on? I’ve had it up to 1 there / here  with some of the recent suggestions.

 A Excuse me? I think you are out of 2 touch / order           there.

B I do 3 apologise / excuse         , but when will you understand that the staff want higher wages? That is all. Any other ideas dreamed up by you and your colleagues are just a waste of time.

C Steady on, John.

B Sorry, that wasn’t very 4 tactful / careful     of me. I had no right to 5 make / take         it out on you, but the staff are unhappy.

A We know they are. But people like you who, if you’ll 6 hear / excuse         me, have been here rather a long time, need to understand there are more ways to improve things than just paying people more.

C I think you are out of 7 time / line           there. Just because John and I have been here a long time doesn’t mean we don’t understand how to manage.

A Sorry. I guess I 8 overreacted / overtook            . Apologies all round. Now, where were we?