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1-Match 1–8 with a–h to make sentences.

1 Noticing him across the room,    g

2 Around midnight, I heard the car                 

3 That guy speaking                                             

4 Not having been there myself,                       

5 Having gorged myself on chocolate,           

6 Any buildings damaged by the storm         

7 All the restaurants were packed with         

8 Vertigo was the film                                       


a I couldn’t possibly comment.

 b I felt sick to my stomach.

c will be assessed for insurance purposes.

 d tourists eating the local speciality.

e selected by most critics as the best ever.

f is my dad.

g I went over to introduce myself.

h coming slowly down the lane.

2-Complete the extract from a crime novel with the words below..

Brushing- frightened -crackling -having completed- sensing- waiting- having taken- pausing- looking -having considered


1 Having taken off his overcoat, the detective strolled into the drawing-room 2    calm and con­ dent. The guests were sitting quietly, 3     for his explanation of the terrible incidents. 4          for a second, he looked around the room. All was quiet except for the sound of the ­ re 5           in the ­ replace. 6          some invisible dust off his sleeve, he began to talk. ‘One person in this room saw the murder, but 7         by what they saw, refuses to speak.’ 8         he had the attention of the room, he continued. ‘Everyone in this room had a motive to kill Sir Ralph but, 9      all the evidence, I now know for sure who did it.’ 10          his opening speech, he turned to Melissa …