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1-Select the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 I need some bread/breads to make sandwiches.

2 Excuse me. Have you got any ________ ?


The ________ really good in this restaurant.


I’d like _______ , please.


The ______ really fresh in this market.


You can buy fantastic______ in this market.


I love French______ — I think it’s the best in the world.


Can you buy me some_______ from the supermarket?

2- Type the correct words to complete the conversation

Ben: We can make 1 any/ a/some sandwiches for lunch.

Martha:  Good idea. Have we got 2 any/ some/ a        nice bread?

Ben: Yes, we have. We’ve got 3 any/ some/ a       really fresh bread — it’s still warm!

Martha:  OK. Have we got 4 any/ some/ a        meat or chicken to put in them?

Ben: Um, let me see. We haven’t got 5 some/ a / any        meat but we’ve got 6 some/ a / any        chicken.

Martha:  Never mind. Have we got 7 a / some/ any        cheese in the fridge?

Ben: Yes, we’ve got 8 some/ a / any        French cheese and 9any/ a/ some        Swiss cheese.

Martha:  OK. And what about vegetables? Have we got 10 a/ any/ some       ?

Ben: Yes, we’ve got 11 a/ some/ any        mushrooms and there’s 12 a / any/ some        big tomato. But I’m afraid we haven’t got 13 a/ some/ any        onions.

Martha:  OK. I can make 14 some/ a / any        cheese and tomato sandwich for me and 15 a / any/ some        chicken sandwich for you.