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1-Select the correct words to complete the sentences

1 I _______ a brilliant new smartphone. It _____some amazing apps.


A _______  the Internet on your TV?
B No, we _________.


| ______  a digital camera, but I ______  a camera on my phone.


My parents’ car _____  satnav, but luckily they _____  a map


She _____ a fantastic new camera -   it ’________ 16 megapixels!

Complete the conversation with the appropriate option.

’s got -have you- has- have-you-got- ’ve- haven’t- have they -they’ve got -it has- ’ve got

DAM : Have you got a computer ?

SAM : Yes, l     got a laptop, but       I got a tablet.

ADAM: What about your parents? 4   got a PC?

SAM: No, they haven’t, but 5  a tablet.

ADAM: What other technology 6   and your family got?

SAM: I  7  a smartphone and my sister 8     an amazing digital camera.

ADAM :9   your smartphone got any good apps on it?

SAM: Yes, 10  . It’s got Hungry Chickens.

ADAM : Really? I’ve got that app as well — it’s brilliant!