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Answer the following questions.

1 When was the last time you asked someone to do something for you? What was it?
2 When someone asks you to do something, is it easy for you to say ‘no’? Why?
3 Are the people below easy or difficult for you to say ‘no’ to?
Write E (easy) or D (difficult) next to each person

people you don’t know        
teachers at school                


Look at the pictures.Match each picture with a sentence in Column A and a sentence in Column B.

Column A

Column B

Lend me some money.   2

Can you show me how to use this?  

Show me how to use this.  

Do you think you could lend me some money?  

Lend me your dictionary.  

Could you give me a glass of red, please?  

Tell me the way to the village.  

Could you not park your car here, please?  

Give me a glass of red.  

Can you lend me your dictionary?  

Don’t park your car here.  

Would you mind telling me the way to the village?  

Select Column A or Column B to answer the questions below.

a ) In which column do the requests use modal verbs (can/could/would)?

b) In which column are the requests in Yes / No question form?

c) In which column are the requests more polite?

Language Focus

We can use modal verbs to make polite requests in  different ways.

When we refuse requests politely we can apologise and give a reason:

We can use phrases with I would when we refuse requests from people we are friendly with.

In response to Would you mind... ?  we can say I wouldn’t, but…

We can use the following expressions to
agree to requests:
Of course.
No problem.
In response to Would you mind…? we can agree with Not at all.

Use the prompts to make the requests polite.

1 Take these letters to the post office.
Do you think you could take these letters to the post office?
2 Bring me the bill.
Can        (, please)?
3 Buy me a drink.
Could               (, please)?
4 Don’t smoke in here.
Would you mind                 (, please)?
5 Lend me your bicycle.
Do you think                 (, please)?

Sounding Natural

Listen. Does the intonation go up or down at the end of each request? Select the correct answer.

1 Can you show me how to use this?

2 Could you lend me your dictionary?

3 Do you think you could lend me some money?

Time to speak

Time to speak
You are going to role-play two situations making and responding to requests.Work in two groups.

Do the role-play with your partner.
A: Hi, Jo. How are you?
                   B: Oh, hello Kim...
                   A: Jo… I want to ask you something…