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Match the verbs with the kinds of art in the table below. Some verbs can go with more than one kind of art.

direct - illustrate - make - paint - publish - release - take - write









novels/ short stories




Select the correct options to complete the statements below.

1 If you _________ a novel, you make pictures to go with the story.

2 If you _________ a novel, you make it ready for people to buy.

3 You write novels and short stories ________ you publish them.

4 You make CDs and films _______  you release them.

Look at the works of art and describe them. Do you recognize any of them ?

I know the sculpture in picture 2.
                   I think it's in Italy…

Use the words from the box to complete the information about the works of art in the pictures.

1888 - 1930 -  American - marble - Italy - flowers - Germany  - Grant Wood - Italian - Puppy - Van Gogh - $300  - $40 million


Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4




American Gothic






Jeff Koons

artist’s nationality










where made/






oil paint


oil paint







Listen and check your ideas.

 Write numbers to match the statements below with the pictures.

1 This sculpture was made in Italy. Picture 2
2 The painting is called Sunflowers. Picture   
3 They were made by Americans. Pictures   and  
4 It was bought for $40 million. Picture  

Which work of art do you like the most? Why?
Language Focus

Read the sentences, and then select the correct option to answer each question below.

a The painting is called Sunflowers.
b David was made in Italy.
c American Gothic and Puppy were made by Americans.
d Sunflowers was bought for $40 million.

1-  Does sentence a mention who calls the painting Sunflowers?

2 Does sentence b mention who made David?

3 Does sentence d mention who bought the picture?

4 In all the sentences, which is more important?


We can use passive forms when we don’t know or we aren’t really interested in who does an action.

With passive forms, we change be to form the tense.
If we want to mention who does the action we use by.

             David was made by Michelangelo.

Use be (not) and a verb from the box in the correct form to complete the sentences below. Use each word only once.

allow - build - hurt - make - paint - steal - wake

a She fell down, but it’s OK. She wasn't hurt .
b When   this house   ?
c All my shoes are Italian. The best shoes    in Italy.
d My camera is in my bag.   we    to take photographs?
e My bicycle   .
f I    up by a loud noise.
g Where   this picture   ?

Sounding Natural

listen and write 1, 2, or 3 next to each word to say how many syllables it has.

2 novel     film       painting     photograph     sculpture       story

Time to speak

Think of a work of art you really like, or one that you have in your home. It could be a painting, a sculpture, a book, a film, a CD or something else. Make notes in the table below.

what it is


what it is called


who it was made by


when it was made


other information


Tell your partner about the work of art you made notes on. Listen to your partner and make a note of what they say. Ask questions to get more information.
Example I really like a novel. It's called…
                      Was it illustrated?