Irregular Verbs

- Meaning: To come into existence or notice.
- Simple Past: Arose
- Past Participle: Arisen
- Example: The sun arose early in the morning.

2. Awake
- Meaning: To stop sleeping, become conscious.
- Simple Past: Awoke
- Past Participle: Awoken
- Example: I awoke to the sound of birds singing.

3. Be
- Meaning: To exist or live.
- Simple Past: Was/Were
- Past Participle: Been
- Example: She was my best friend. We have been through a lot together.

4. Bear
- Meaning: To carry or support.
- Simple Past: Bore
- Past Participle: Borne/Born (Both forms are correct)
- Example: He bore the weight of the world on his shoulders.

5. Beat
- Meaning: To strike or hit repeatedly.
- Simple Past: Beat
- Past Participle: Beaten
- Example: She beat the drum loudly during the parade.

6. Become
- Meaning: To undergo a change or transformation.
- Simple Past: Became
- Past Participle: Become
- Example: He became a famous actor after years of hard work.

7. Begin
- Meaning: To start or initiate.
- Simple Past: Began
- Past Participle: Begun
- Example: The concert began at 8 PM and ended at midnight.

8. Bite
- Meaning: To use teeth to cut or grip.
- Simple Past: Bit
- Past Participle: Bitten
- Example: The dog bit the mailman on the ankle.

9. Blow
- Meaning: To expel air forcefully or create wind.
- Simple Past: Blew
- Past Participle: Blown
- Example: The wind blew the leaves off the tree.

10. Break
- Meaning: To separate into pieces, to shatter.
- Simple Past: Broke
- Past Participle: Broken
- Example: She accidentally broke the vase when she dropped it.

11. Bring
- Meaning: To carry or convey to a place.
- Simple Past: Brought
- Past Participle: Brought
- Example: Please bring your homework to class tomorrow.

12. Buy
- Meaning: To acquire in exchange for money.
- Simple Past: Bought
- Past Participle: Bought
- Example: She bought a new car last week.

13. Catch
- Meaning: To capture or seize.
- Simple Past: Caught
- Past Participle: Caught
- Example: He caught the baseball with his glove.

14. Choose
- Meaning: To pick or select from a set of options.
- Simple Past: Chose
- Past Participle: Chosen
- Example: She chose the red dress for the party.

15. Come
- Meaning: To move toward or arrive at a place.
- Simple Past: Came
- Past Participle: Come
- Example: They came to visit us on the weekend.

16. Do
- Meaning: To perform an action or task.
- Simple Past: Did
- Past Participle: Done
- Example: He did his homework before going to bed.

17. Drink
- Meaning: To consume a liquid through the mouth.
- Simple Past: Drank
- Past Participle: Drunk
- Example: She drank a glass of water after her run.

18. Drive
- Meaning: To operate and control a vehicle.
- Simple Past: Drove
- Past Participle: Driven
- Example: He drove to the airport to pick up his friend.

19. Eat
- Meaning: To consume food.
- Simple Past: Ate
- Past Participle: Eaten
- Example: They ate pizza for dinner last night.

20. Fall
- Meaning: To drop from a higher position to a lower one.
- Simple Past: Fell
- Past Participle: Fallen
- Example: The leaves fell from the trees in autumn.

21. Feed
- Meaning: To give food to someone or something.
- Simple Past: Fed
- Past Participle: Fed
- Example: She fed her pet fish every morning.

22. Feel
- Meaning: To perceive through the sense of touch.
- Simple Past: Felt
- Past Participle: Felt
- Example: He felt the warmth of the sun on his skin.

23. Fight
- Meaning: To engage in a physical conflict.
- Simple Past: Fought
- Past Participle: Fought
- Example: They fought for their rights in the demonstration.

24. Find
- Meaning: To discover or locate something.
- Simple Past: Found
- Past Participle: Found
- Example: She found her lost keys in the kitchen.

25. Fly
- Meaning: To move through the air with wings.
- Simple Past: Flew
- Past Participle: Flown
- Example: Birds fly high in the sky.

26. Forbid
- Meaning: To prohibit or order not to do something.
- Simple Past: Forbade (or Forbad)
- Past Participle: Forbidden
- Example: Smoking is forbidden in this area.

27. Forget
- Meaning: To fail to remember.
- Simple Past: Forgot
- Past Participle: Forgotten
- Example: I forgot my umbrella, and it started raining.

28. Forgive
- Meaning: To grant pardon or stop feeling resentment.
- Simple Past: Forgave
- Past Participle: Forgiven
- Example: He forgave her for the mistake.

29. Freeze
- Meaning: To turn into ice due to cold temperatures.
- Simple Past: Froze
- Past Participle: Frozen
- Example: The lake froze in the winter.

30. Get
- Meaning: To acquire or obtain.
- Simple Past: Got
- Past Participle: Got (or Gotten, used mainly in North America)
- Example: She got a promotion at work.

31. Give
- Meaning: To transfer something to someone else.
- Simple Past: Gave
- Past Participle: Given
- Example: They gave gifts to the children on their birthday.

32. Go
- Meaning: To move from one place to another.
- Simple Past: Went
- Past Participle: Gone
- Example: They went to the beach for a vacation.

33. Grind
- Meaning: To reduce something to small particles by crushing or rubbing.
- Simple Past: Ground
- Past Participle: Ground
- Example: She ground coffee beans to make fresh coffee.

34. Grow
- Meaning: To increase in size or develop.
- Simple Past: Grew
- Past Participle: Grown
- Example: Plants grow with sunlight and water.

35. Hang (for executions)
- Meaning: To suspend a person by the neck until dead.
- Simple Past: Hanged
- Past Participle: Hanged
- Example: In some countries, hanging is used as a form of execution.

36. Have
- Meaning: To possess or own.
- Simple Past: Had
- Past Participle: Had
- Example: She had a beautiful garden in her backyard.

37. Hear
- Meaning: To perceive sounds through the ears.
- Simple Past: Heard
- Past Participle: Heard
- Example: He heard a loud noise coming from the street.

38. Hide
- Meaning: To conceal or put out of sight.
- Simple Past: Hid
- Past Participle: Hidden
- Example: The treasure was hidden in a secret cave.

39. Hit
- Meaning: To strike or make contact forcefully.
- Simple Past: Hit
- Past Participle: Hit
- Example: She hit the ball with a tennis racket.

40. Hold
- Meaning: To have and keep in one's grasp.
- Simple Past: Held
- Past Participle: Held
- Example: He held a bouquet of flowers for his wife.

41. Hurt
- Meaning: To cause physical or emotional pain.
- Simple Past: Hurt
- Past Participle: Hurt
- Example: She hurt her leg while playing soccer.

42. Keep
- Meaning: To continue to have or retain.
- Simple Past: Kept
- Past Participle: Kept
- Example: He kept the family photo album on the shelf.

43. Kneel
- Meaning: To rest on one's knees.
- Simple Past: Knelt (or Kneeled)
- Past Participle: Knelt (or Kneeled)
- Example: They knelt to pray at the church.

44. Know
- Meaning: To have knowledge or awareness.
- Simple Past: Knew
- Past Participle: Known
- Example: She knew the answer to the question.

45. Lay
- Meaning: To place something in a horizontal position.
- Simple Past: Laid
- Past Participle: Laid
- Example: She laid the book on the table.

46. Lead
- Meaning: To guide or show the way.
- Simple Past: Led
- Past Participle: Led
- Example: The captain led the team to victory.

47. Learn
- Meaning: To gain knowledge or acquire a skill.
- Simple Past: Learnt (or Learned)
- Past Participle: Learnt (or Learned)
- Example: He learned how to play the guitar.

48. Leave
- Meaning: To depart or go away from a place.
- Simple Past: Left
- Past Participle: Left
- Example: They left for their vacation early in the morning.

49. Lend
- Meaning: To give something temporarily on the condition it is returned.
- Simple Past: Lent
- Past Participle: Lent
- Example: She lent her neighbor a cup of sugar.

50. Let
- Meaning: To allow or permit.
- Simple Past: Let
- Past Participle: Let
- Example: Please let me in; it's raining outside.

51. Lie (to recline)
- Meaning: To rest in a horizontal position.
- Simple Past: Lay
- Past Participle: Lain
- Example: He lay down to take a nap.

52. Lie ( to tell an untruth)
- Meaning: To provide false information.
- Simple Past: Lied
- Past Participle: Lied
- Example: It's not good to lie; honesty is important.

53. Light (to ignite)
- Meaning: To ignite or provide light.
- Simple Past: Lit
- Past Participle: Lit
- Example: She lit the candles for the romantic dinner.

54. Light (to make less heavy)
- Meaning: To make something weigh less.
- Simple Past: Lightened
- Past Participle: Lightened
- Example: He lightened his load by removing some books.

55. Lose
- Meaning: To no longer have possession of something.
- Simple Past: Lost
- Past Participle: Lost
- Example: She lost her keys and couldn't find them.

56. Make
- Meaning: To create or produce.
- Simple Past: Made
- Past Participle: Made
- Example: He made a delicious meal for his guests.

57. Mean
- Meaning: To signify or express a particular idea.
- Simple Past: Meant
- Past Participle: Meant
- Example: His smile meant that he was happy.

58. Meet
- Meaning: To come into the presence of someone.
- Simple Past: Met
- Past Participle: Met
- Example: They met at the coffee shop for a chat.

59. Pay
- Meaning: To give money in exchange for goods or services.
- Simple Past: Paid
- Past Participle: Paid
- Example: He paid the bill after the meal.

60. Put
- Meaning: To place something in a specific location.
- Simple Past: Put
- Past Participle: Put
- Example: She put her shoes by the front door.

61. Read (pronounced "red")
- Meaning: To interpret written or printed material.
- Simple Past: Read (pronounced "red")
- Past Participle: Read (pronounced "red")
- Example: She read the book in one sitting.

62. Ride
- Meaning: To travel in or on a vehicle or animal.
- Simple Past: Rode
- Past Participle: Ridden
- Example: He rode his bicycle to work every day.

63. Ring
- Meaning: To produce a ringing sound.
- Simple Past: Rang
- Past Participle: Rung
- Example: The doorbell rang, and she opened the door.

Short Quiz 1

Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the irregular verb in parentheses:

1. The sun  early in the morning. (arise)

2. I to the sound of birds singing. (awake)

3. She  my best friend. We have  through a lot together. (be)

4. He  the weight of the world on his shoulders. (bear)

5. She  the drum loudly during the parade. (beat)

6. He  a famous actor after years of hard work. (become)

7. The concert  at 8 PM and ended at midnight. (begin)

8. The dog  the mailman on the ankle. (bite)

9. The wind  the leaves off the tree. (blow)

10. She accidentally  the vase when she dropped it. (break)