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Write words from the box under the correct picture.
Some words can be used more than once.

Speaking A1

Marcy : 

Daniel :

Luke : 

Cathy : 

2- Look at the accessories.

Write the vowels to complete the words below the pictures. ( write the complete word in the box  ) 
r_ng => ring 

Speaking A1

  r i ng                         _ _  rr _ ngs                     n _ ckl _ c _ e              w _ tch                    gl _ ss _ s

Answer the following questions

What clothes and accessories do you wear at work/school?

Speaking A1 : CLOTHES
What clothes and accessories do you wear at the weekend?

A1 Speaking : Clothes
example    I wear ....


John is meeting Helen at the train station.
Which picture is Helen? Listen to the conversation and write the correct number.

Speaking A1 : Clothes


Look at Helen’s picture and choose the correct option to complete each sentence below.

1 Helen’s wearing a blue / white blouse.
2 Helen’s got black / blonde hair.
3 Helen’s wearing a black / grey jacket.
4 Helen’s carrying a bag / an umbrella.
5 Helen’s medium-height / tall.

Language Focus

C. Do you think John and Helen are good friends?

Language Focus

1. We can describe someone with be and have got.

be + adjective
I’m medium-height.
He’s slim.

have got + noun
I’ve* got blonde hair.
He’s** got blue eyes.
* I’ve got = I have got
** He’s got = He has got

What do you look like?
What does he / she look like?

2. We can say what is true about someone now with the present continuous.

be + -ing form of the verb + noun
I’m wearing a suit and a white blouse.
I’m standing on the platform.
She’s talking to Jim.

What are you wearing?
What’s he / she wearing?
What’s he / she doing?

Tip  : Have got and have both mean the same.
I have got brown eyes.
I have brown eyes.
Have got is more common in spoken British English.

Practice here


Use the verbs from the box in the correct form to complete the description below. Who is it?
Some verbs can be used more than once.

be                 have                   wear                  use

A1 Speaking : Clothes

She ‘s attractive. She   got blonde hair. She a suit and she a computer.

Who is it ? 

b-  Use the same sentence structure to describe the other pictures.

Sounding Natural

Listen to the people speaking. Select  the main stress in the bold sentences.

1 A: Are you wearing a blue jacket?
B:No, I’m wearing a grey jacket.

2 A: Are you wearing a white skirt?
B:No, I’m wearing a white shirt.

Time to speak

Work with a partner. Look at each other for 30 seconds, then sit back-to-back.
Make a note of what your partner looks like, and what they are wearing.

Speaking A1 : Clothes

Stay back-to-back and describe your partner.
Listen to what your partner says. Correct your partner if they are wrong.

example       A : You've got long , black hair.
                         B : No, I've got long, brown hair