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1 a Write the words from the box in the correct lists below.

brother                                                            music
a businessman/                                            an office worker
businesswoman                                              Paris
a DJ                                                                  a sales assistant
engaged                                                                 shopping
girlfriend                                                                  single
job                                                                                son
make new friends                                                  a student
movies                                                          watch movies in English





a businessman/

friends and family

marital status

reasons to learn English



2 Read about Andrea and her sons.

A1 Speaking

Choose the correct names to show who the information below is about.
You sometimes need to choose more than one name.

1  a businesswoman _______

2-  married _________

3 five years old  ______

4  interested in football _______

5  interested in films ______

3 a Work with a partner. Read about Lee and write the missing words.

A1 SpeakingHello, my name's Lee and I'm from Taipei. I 'm an office worker and I'    in martial arts. I have two brothers Ken and Eric. they   n't interested in martial arts. Eric interested in reading and Ken interested in music ' he a DJ . I am not married, but I have a girlfriend. Her name Tina and she interested in marital arts, too. I study English for my job, and because I want to make new friends.

be is an irregular verb.
We can use be to give information about people and things.
subject + be + information
I’m interested in martial arts.
She’s a businesswoman.
They’re from London.

Negative sentences
I’m not a student.
He isn’t interested in music.
We aren’t married.

Questions and short answers

A: What’s your name?*
B: Where are they from?
A: Are you a student?
B: Yes, I am.
B: No, I’m not.
A: Is she married?
B: Yes, she is.
B: No, she isn’t.

With question words, we usually only shorten is:
 What’s your name?
What are their names?
 What’re their names?

Practice here

Listen. Choose the sound you hear in the colored part of each sentence below.

1 His job.  

2 His sister

3 He’s married.

4 He’s a businessman.

You are going to introduce yourself

Use the following information :

name   -  occupation  -  marital status   - interests  -  I study English
for/to...  -  

example : 
Hello everyone. My name's  ...

Use for
with a noun.  example - for my job
Use to with a verb. example - to meet people