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1-Type the most appropriate words to complete the conversation.

A What’s your current address?

B Eleven, Park Street. 1 I stay / I’m staying with friends until I can get my own place.

A Since when?

B 2 I’ve lived / I’ve been living             there since June.

A Have you got a degree?

B Not yet. 3 I study / I’m studying              business and finance with the Open University.

A How long have you 4 done / been doing              that?

B For two years. 5 Are you thinking / Do you think              that will make it difficult for me?

A Not at all. Some employers 6 insist / are insisting              on a degree, but not all.

B That’s good, because I’ll 7 study / be studying              for two more years.

A 8 Are you / Are you being              flexible?

B Yes, of course. Frankly, 9 I need / I’m needing              the money so 10I’m looking / I look              for anything which is full-time.

A OK. This firm 11recruits / is recruiting              for its Help Desk. Let’s give them a call.

2-Match sentences 1–8 with a–h. Type the letters (a,b,c)

1 My son is just two.                                                        g

 2 Your hair is soaking.                                                     

3 What do you think about the new manager?               

4 Real Madrid were leading 2–0 at half time.             

5 The house has got too large for my parents.           

6 My uncle comes from Australia.                               

7 What are you thinking about?                                   

8 How long have you been with the company?       

a Nothing really. Just daydreaming.

b Yes, but the game ended in a draw.

c She seems very bright and capable.

d In May I’ll have been working here for 20 years.

e It’s been raining and I forgot my umbrella.

 f So they won’t be living there much longer?

g He’s being quite diffi cult at the moment.

h And he’s coming all that way for your wedding?