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Sports and leisure

Sports and leisure

Vocabulary A1 : Sports & Leisure
Vocabulary A1 : Sports & Leisure

1- I play basketball.                  2- I play tennis                   3- I go fishing       
4- I play football                        5-  I go swimming             6- I go sailing

Words for talking about sports and leisure

ball (n) A ball is a round object that is used in games such as tennis and football.

basketball (n) Basketball is a game in which players try to throw a large ball through a round net hanging from a high metal ring.

captain (n)  The captain of a sports team is its leader.

fishing  (n)  Fishing is the sport of catching fish.

football  (n)  Football is a game for two teams who try to kick the ball into a net at the other end of the field.

game  (n)  A game is an activity or a sport in which you try to win against someone.

leisure  (n)  Leisure is the time when you do not have to work and can do things that you enjoy.

match (n)  A match is an organized sports game.

play (v) When you play a game or a sport, you take part in it.

player (n)  A player is a person who takes part in a sport or game.

pool (n)  A pool or swimming pool is a large hole in the ground that is filled with water for people to swim in.

quiz (n) A quiz is a competition in which someone tests your knowledge by asking you

race (n)  A race is a competition to see who is the fastest.

run (n)  If you go for a run, you run to take exercise.

sailing  (n)  Sailing is the activity or sport of sailing boats.

sport (n)  Sports are games and other activities that need physical effort and skill.

sports centre (n)  A sports centre is a building where you can go to do sports and other activities.

swim (v) When you swim, you move through water by making movements with your arms and legs.

swimming (n)  Swimming is the activity of swimming, especially as a sport or for pleasure.

tennis (n)  Tennis is a game where players use rackets to hit a ball across a net between them.

1- Match the sentence halves.

1 How often do you go _________

2 What do you do at the __________

3 Do you often play  ____________

4 How many runners were in _________

5 Who is the captain of _________

2- Choose the correct word.

1 We can't play ______ without a ball.

2 Would you like to go ______  with me at the weekend?

3 My class had a ___ about football last Friday.

4 I usually play______at the sports centre.

5 My brother can swim very fast, so he always wins when we have a _____.

6 Let's go for a _______  tomorrow morning.

3- Put each sentence into the correct order.

1 after / I'd like / swimming / go / school / to /.

2 wants / the match / to / the captain / the players / win /.

3 game / my sister and I / a good / had / of / tennis / .

4 sailing / I prefer / basketball / my father goes / but / playing / .

5 the sports / a good / there's / centre / at / pool / .

6 go / but the young men / the old men / play / fishing / football /.

4- Which sentences are correct?

1 I like watching a good football match on television.

2 Do you play sport at your school?

3 I don't enjoy ball games

4 The swimming is my favourite sport.

5 Who is the best player in your basketball team?

6 I played a race at the sports centre.