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I feel sick/ tired.
My neck/leg/back hurts.
I ’ve got toothache/earache/a cough.
I keep getting earache/headaches.

At the doctor's

Doctor : Good morning. What can 1 do for you?
Amanda : I keep getting headaches.
Doctor : Do you have a cough?
Amanda :  No, but 1 feel a bit sick.
Doctor : Do you eat well and take plenty of exercise?
Amanda I try to, but I feel too tired to do any exercise.
Doctor : I see. And are you drinking plenty of water?
Amanda : No, 1 never drink water. 1 prefer coffee.
Doctor : That may be the problem. Everyone needs to drink water. You should try to have at least five glasses every day. If you do that, your headaches will
probably stop.
Amanda : OK, I'll try. Thank you, Dr Kennedy.

Good to know
In the word cough, 'ou is said like the 'o' in 'hot', and' gh ' is said like
the f ’ in 'fish'.

Words for talking about health

baby (n) A baby is a very young child.
back (n) A person's or animal's back is the part of their body between their head and their legs.
body (n) A person's or animal's body is all their physical parts.
cold (n) If you have a cold, you have an illness that makes liquid flow from your nose, and makes you cough.
cough (n) A cough is an illness in which you suddenly force air out of your throat with a noise.
cut (v) If you cut yourself, you accidentally injure yourself on a sharp object so that you bleed.
doctor (n) A doctor is a person whose job is to treat people who are sick or injured.
Dr (n) Dr is the title that goes before the name of a doctor.
earache (n) If you have earache, you have a pain inside your ear.
exercise n o u n Exercise is movements you do to keep your body healthy and strong.
headache (n) If you have a headache, you have a pain in your head.
health (n) Your health is the condition of your body and the extent to which you are fit and well.
hear (v) When you hear a sound, you become aware of it through your ears.
hospital (n) A hospital is a place where doctors and nurses care for people who are sick or injured.
hurt (v) If you hurt someone or something, you make them feel pain, and if a part of your body hurts, you feel pain there.
leg (v) A person's or animal's legs are the long parts of their body that they use to
stand on.
medicine (n) Medicine is the treatment of illness and injuries by doctors and nurses.
neck (n) Your neck is the part of your body between your head and the rest of your body.
nurse (n) A nurse is a person whose job is to care for people who are sick.
problem  (n)  A problem is something that causes difficulties, or that makes you worry.
sick     1 (adj)  If you are sick, you are ill.
             2 (adj) If you feel sick, you feel as though food might come up from your stomach.
tired (adj) If you are tired, you feel that you want to rest or sleep.
tooth (n) Your teeth are the hard white objects in your mouth, that you use for biting andeating. One of these is called a tooth.
toothache (n) If you have toothache, you have a pain in your tooth.

1-Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 ecrisexe                        (go running, for example)
2 lopshiat                         (the place to go when you are sick)
3 besiab                            (very small people)
4 dybo                              (swimming is good for your________ )
5 snuer                             (this person helps you when you are sick)
6 ahre                               (when you have earache, you sometimes can't do this)

Match the sentences with the pictures

A2 vocabulary : health

1 I've got toothache       
2 I've got earache.         
3 I've got a cough.         
4 I've got a headache.   
5 I've got a cold.             
6 I've got a new baby!   

3-For each question, tick the correct answer.

1 If I study for a long time I get a _______


2 When you go out in the rain, you can get _____


3 See the doctor when you have a ____


4 I've hurt my  ______


5 I can't go out because I am _______


6 Today, I want to do some ________

4- Complete the sentences with a word from the list below

earache     tired      sick      toothache      a cold         a doctor

1 My teeth hurt. I've got       .
2 I'm coughing a lot. I've got      .
3 Dr Thorne works very hard. She often feels      .
4 I've cut my arm. I want to see    .
5 I ate something bad. I feel         .
6 That music was very loud. I've got 

5- Find the words that do not belong.