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1- Unscramble the letters to find out what they are

Socializing : To most people in Western society , socializing is an important concept.
The purpose of getting together with other people are varied : 

Usually the main reason of social activities is relaxation and enjoyment , for example friends
meeting on a Saturday night for a drink.
Sometimes the gathering has a more formal or celebratory  function (e.g. a wedding ), or you can
go out for a meal and mix business with pleasure by entertaining a prospective client , and so on.

Vocabulary : Socializing

Below are five different social functions. Unscramble the letters to find out what they are.

1- D.D.N.I.W.G.E     : marriage is involved

2- E.I.N.D.N.R    T.Y.A.P.R     : an evening meal for a group of people 

3- C.I.P.I.C.N      :  an outdoor meal 

4- C.A.R.B.U.B.E      : a meal which consists of food cooked outside on a grill

5-   S.A.F.T.E     : a large quantity of food, wine, etc. usually accompanied by celebrations 

2- Put in the correct verb to complete the list of table manners below

Eating out or with company sometimes means we have to respect certain conventions of politeness or etiquette.

Vocabulary : socializing

cut - suck - slurp - lick - close - chew - speak - keep

1         your elbows off the table.

2         your mouth when chewing your food.

3 Don't           with your mouth full.

4 Don't           your fingers.

5            your food slowly.

6 Don't              loudly through a straw.

7           your food into small pieces.

8 Don't         drinks or soup loudly. 

3- Put in order of importance the following reasons for socialising

Vocabulary : Socializing

  • to enjoy yourself         _______

  • to forget your problems    _______

  • to meet people  _______

  • to dance  _______

  • to celebrate a special occasion    _______

  • to see your friends    _______

  • to find out the latest gossip    _______

to get out of the house    _______

4- Tick the following if you have ever been there

  • ballet


  • art gallery


  • opera


  • zoo

e -

  • theatre

f -

  • restaurant


  • concert (pop/rock)

h -

  • carnival

i -

  • wedding

j -

  • museum

5- Fill the gaps in the sentences with the correct word from the box below

chat - argue - whisper - gossip - shout - mumble

1 I'd like to have a            with you about your holiday plans.

2 There's no need to          ; I can hear you quite well.

3 Why do you have to          with me every time I make a suggestion?

4 Don't waste my time with this idle         

5 Speak up! I can't understand what you' re saying when you          like that.

6          in my ear so nobody else can hear.

6- Match the following

someone's leg - a joke - someone

1-  to tell          

2- to make fun of          

3- to pull              

7- Fill the gaps with the correct phrase

1 Everyone expects the best man to           a few         at a wedding.
2 You shouldn't         just because they make a mistake.
3 Don't believe Uncle Jake's stories about being a spy; he's just        

8- Use the following words to complete the sentences which follow

kidding - silly - witty - hilarious - funny - amusing

1 You might find it      to write slogans on the school walls, but I certainly don't!

2 "I've just seen George Michael in the supermarket!" "No            ! "

3 You look a bit          in that dress; maybe it's too big for you.

4 Don't be          , dear. Of course I don't believe in UFOs.

5 He has a great sense of humour and a very          turn of phrase.

6 Did you see The Benny Hill Show last night? It was absolutely